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Why such a big discount, and why only for yearly subscriptions?

  • We'd like to encourage you to try our service. Those with subscriptions have been telling others how useful they find it, and as a result their institutions are now subscribing on their behalf, which is good for us, and good for you too.
  • A GrantSearch subscription allows you to browse your subject area and plan well ahead, and to receive email GrantAlerts tailored to your interests. Since an annual subscription is the best way of demonstrating this, we've made it as affordable for you as possible.

What makes GrantSearch any different to SPIN or COS?

  • If you're familiar with them you'll already know that 90% of their content comes from international, mainly US funding sources. When said to be 'open to Australian applicants', in most cases there are actually no citizenship requirements. This means anyone applying for them is in competition with the rest of the world, yet according to published figures, Australia does not rank among the top 50 countries receiving US grants.
  • The other 10% specifically open to Australians is limited to those known to most Grants/Development Offices, and does not include the full range of research funding opportunities offered by local and state governments, the private sector, and community organisations. We believe you'll find many funding opportunities your Grants/Development Office is unaware of, because we actively seek them out, both outside and within the academic sector.
  • The structure of the GrantSearch database is the opposite: 90% is Australian content covering all sectors. The remaining 10% is composed of overseas funding sources which have been screened to ensure that either they are specifically meant for Australia(ns), or Australians are listed among past recipients.
  • If you're seeking financial support for large, multi-stage projects requiring international collaboration, overseas based databases are extremely useful. But if your main concern is to identify funding for local or national research offering better chances of success, this is more likely to be found using GrantSearch.


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Note: the online database is current, with ~70 entries updated every week
The GrantSearch Register of Australian Funding is a printed version of the database. While the database is dynamic and constantly updated, the contents of the book are static and gradually become out of date. Even so, some prefer it to online subscriptions, and continue to find it useful long after its intended lifetime of 18 - 24 months.

A new edition is now in preparation. This is a labour-intensive process which involves checking every detail of the entire database before going to press. It is difficult to predict how long this will take, so please be patient - responding to repeated requests for progress reports only increases the burden of work and leads to further delay.

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